My house for sale  was broken in to by squatters, so I called AC LOCK-N-KEY.   Adin Came out immediately to repair the damage.  He fixed the door jamb  and installed a new deadbolt and door knob.  He also noticed some weak points in the previous installation so he repaired the damage.


I worked with Adin at SnowBlind studios on a Lord of the Rings game.  When I heard he became a locksmith I Knew I could trust his work.  I called him to replace the hardware in my house.  My wife did not like the bright brass hardware that came with the house.  Adin and I went shopping for new hardware, he told me what was good and bad about what I was buying.  We finished shopping and he installed the new hardware.  He  drilled new holes for my new Deadbolts  and installed the new hardware.


Adin came to our house to install a new deadbolt and door knob on the front door.  The door was very old and had an old mortise lock on it.   The new hardware wouldn’t work with the old door, so Adin removed the mortise lock and filled in the pocket  with some scrap wood.  He glued it in and sanded it flush.  He then drilled new holes for the deadbolt and the new doorknob.  He did such a great job filling the hole. after a little paint I can’t even see the repair.   Thanks Adin

-Matt R

I thought locked my keys inside my filing cabinet so I called Adin.   He was actually in the neighborhood and came over right away.  He picked the filing cabinet lock as I watched, I was amazed that someone could pick a lock so easily.  We got it open and guess what the keys were not inside.  I felt bad that I wasted his time but he was so nice and we laughed and joked about it.

-Joe H

I came back from vacation and was in the process of unloading my luggage when my wife shut the front door,  the keys were inside and it was quite hot out.  My wife kids and I were locked out.   We called Adin on Sunday at dinner time. He came right away.  He noticed the front door lock was installed upside down which made it harder to pick he tried several times to pick it but it wouldn’t pick.  So we went to the back door to pick it.  He noticed that the door was not very secure because the lock bolt thing was exposed.  He showed me how easy it was to break in using just a pocket knife.  He suggested we get a metal door guard to cover the vulnerability.  He installed the plate and fixed the upside down lock on the front door.  My family warships you.

-Marvin G

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